Weddings and parties are by nature personal and should reflect the tastes of the host or hostess.

But over the past decade, we’ve seen a move away from just focusing on the wants and desires of the bride, groom or party giver.

The experience of guests has come to the fore, with millennials especially, looking to create unique and personalized experiences that offer their guests the chance to feel more engaged and involved.

The trend for personalization is of course nothing knew. Couples as well as individuals are always looking to mark their special event by adding décor, designs and even drink options that reflect their very personal tastes.

But personalization is even more impactful when it meets the trend for interactive entertainment.

Rather than have your guests enjoy the festivities from the sidelines, by including interactive entertainment you will transform their experience and actually engage your guests.

Of course everyone thinks about how to entertain their guests even if that is just the simple choice between a live band or DJ. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating interactive entertainment that excites your guests.

The very best celebrations include personal, fun and unique touches that keep you and your guests smiling and turn your day into something truly unforgettable.

This is especially true of weddings where today’s couples don’t just want to host a traditional, run-of-the-mill day, but rather an unconventional day that reflects their personalities and wows their guests.

There are so many great ways to create a truly interactive day or night.

Take for example dinner. Rather than go for the traditional sit down meal with guests at separate tables, turn things on their head. Interaction is guaranteed with sharing platters that offer a relaxed, family style dining. Or why not go for truly interactive with food bars that let guests graze over a choice of foods that you’ve chosen as a reflection of your personal tastes.

If you are worried about how your guests will mix and mingle then planning something interactive is a definite must. Bringing together groups from different backgrounds and mixing different social groups can be challenging. And of course while they are all there to celebrate a special occasion you might need to look for ways to break the ice.

At a wedding a quirky way could be to encourage guests to chat and mingle by including fun facts about the happy couple in the wedding programme or on the dinner service. It’s a great old school way to get people talking, mixing and sharing stories from the past.

The good news is that with advances in technology we now also have a modern icebreaker that taps into the trend for posing and posting selfies. Our Emme Photo booth brings photo fun, and touchscreen technology together for a remarkable guest experience.

Get ready to watch as your guests come together and enjoy hours of photo booth fun, with photo memories to take home straight away. They won’t just pose for images, but also get involved in live games, create GIFs as well as videos, all in a relaxed atmosphere that will definitely inspire interaction.

And even better, you will have a ready-made photo album of all of the fun and frivolity that occurred during your special event!

The trend for interactive entertainment is set to get bigger and bigger. How you choose to interpret it is up to you. But what is certain – it makes a party or celebration something special for more than just the hosts!

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