Photo booth rental for a surprise wedding?

You’re seeking a mirror photo booth rental for your surprise wedding? – Now, I’m a romantic. All my life – I’ve believed in fairy tale endings, white knights on horses, and that couples do stay together forever. It’s the reason I decided to enter the event planning business. Nothing is a greater honor than attending the wedding of two souls found by destiny, and bound by love. But a surprise wedding – this I have never done! Here is the whole story!

The heart of an Irish gal

I received a call from a beautiful Irish gal named Erin; she called to ask me about our photo booth rental. She was hoping for a wedding mirror photo booth for her surprise wedding! Yes, that’s correct it was a surprise wedding! Well, because I am such a romantic, I couldn’t help but ask the obvious. “Erin, may I ask what inspired you to have a surprise wedding, that is so unusual?” She told me that currently her brother was here in Pittsburgh, but soon would be deployed back overseas. She continued by saying how important it was for her to be married while her brother was home. Her story moved me. I was inspired by her plan, and excited to be a part of it!

The engagement party

Erin continue to tell me that both families, and friends were invited to their ‘engagement party’ (wink-wink!) After everyone arrives, they would announce that they were getting married – right now! I’m total engulfed in this well-planned surprise wedding by now, and touched by her love for her family. Erin had my heart now too. I wanted this event to be flawless for her, and assured her that we would go the extra mile to make sure her photo booth rental was picture-perfect!

Mirror Booth Custom Start Screen
Mirror booth start screen

Our part – the creative stuff!

Together with my go-to-girl Taren we created a beautiful start screen display for the mirror photo booth using pictures that Erin sent us. We took her wedding invitation, and replicated it to become the frame for her photos for the photo booth. When we designed the artwork for her photo booth rental, we took great care not to spill the beans, by only adding the happy couple’s names, and their ‘engagement’ date.

Photo booth fun Pittsburgh
Surprise Wedding
Mirror photo booth
Pittsburgh photo booth rental
Photo booth rental
Photo booth rental

The Foundry a picture-perfect setting

It was a cold, flurry kind of day in Pittsburgh, February 17, 2018 when we arrived at ‘The Foundry table & tap’ to deliver and set up Erin’s photo booth. We walk into this rustic, quaint pub hosting a modern, yet old world style. The pub’s main room was in the back. The room was divided in to 2 separate areas, the main bar area hosting a large bar and dining tables; and a banquet room with 3 beautiful floor to ceiling barn doors that pushed opened. The plan was to have everyone in the bar area, and after the announcement, open the barn doors to invite everyone to the perfect setting for their intimate wedding.

Yep it’s perfect!

The guests arrived, and soon the cocktails began to flow, the our groom Blake, (Christian), and Erin worked the room giving hugs of love to everyone as they arrived one by one. Blake was first to visit the photo booth, and he was very impressed. He couldn’t believe that custom artwork we created, or that the mirror itself was a photo booth!

Surprise speech!

About 8:00 PM Erin’s brother was making a toast for the happy couple, and I could tell you what he said – but he does it so well in person! Watch the moment captured live!

An Irish love story

Guests were seated in the second room. Erin was in her dress just glowing, with her bridesmaids all in a row waiting for the wedding to begin! I’ve seen a lot of brides in my years as an event planner, and Erin was simply stunning. Her eyes had that infamous Irish twinkle! She very much resembles Marilyn Monroe, as her brother declared in his speech. I thought wow – Blake is a very lucky guy! I think he knows that too. He looked at her the way a man does when he is lost – and then found. Erin is where his heart belonged. There was no denying this romance is one for the story books. It was an amazing wedding, that touched the hearts of all who witnessed it.

The fun begins!

I was so honored to wittiness these two love birds say their I-do’s. It was a privilege to be a part of this ‘big-fat Irish’ wedding! (I’m sure the Greek’s have nothing on them!) But now – the interactive entertainment at the wedding reception begins! The joy, and merriment continued for hours, and the guests came one by one to the photo booth to capture the moment for Erin and Blake. Each guest leaving them a photo booth photo, and a personal note in their memory book.


Photo booth memory book
Thank you, Erin & Blake for the honor of being a part of your fairy-tale wedding!

Shout out to the wedding planner Heather Dougherty of Day of PGH – she nailed this one!