• 8x8′ backdrop with light blue that fades into shimmery gold glitter
  • Our #1 chosen backdrop
  • Perfect for weddings, proms or special occasions

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Glittery Gold

  • 8x8′ backdrop featuring an array of pastel colors with golden accents
  • Our #2 chosen backdrop
  • Matches almost any color frame and event theme

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Secret Garden

  • 8x8′ backdrop featuring a whimsical garden scene with purple flowers and illuminated lanterns
  • Popular for birthdays, bat or bar mitzvahs

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Valentines 8x8


  • 8x8′ backdrop with a pink gradient and heart bokeh overlay
  • Perfect for weddings, vowel renewals or other special events

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Pink Flowers

  • 8x8′ backdrop featuring a beautiful wall of pink and white flowers with green foliage
  • Double sided with the same image
  • Perfect for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries


Red Roses

  • 8x8′ backdrop of a wall of bright red roses, with some hints of green leaves
  • Double sided with the same image
  • Would match a wide variety of simple overlays


Black Gold 1920 5x7

1920’s Black Art Deco

  • 5x7′ backdrop with black and gold art deco geometric line art
  • 5x7′ backdrop with our White Art Deco backdrop on the back
  • Perfect for any 1920’s themed event

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White Gold 1920 5x7

1920’s White Art Deco

  • 5x7′ backdrop featuring a white and gold art deco scallop design
  • 5x7′ backdrop with our Black Art Deco backdrop on the back
  • Popular with brides that have an art deco theme

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Ivory Dots 5x7

Ivory Dots

  • 5x7′ backdrop featuring a light cream gradient with an ivory bokeh
  • Best paired with a darker photo frame
  • Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or any elegant event


Black White Dots 5x7

Black White Dots

  • 5x7′ backdrop with a black background and a white bokeh design
  • Perfect for proms, graduations, birthdays or weddings


White Marble 8x8

White Marble

  • 8x8′ backdrop with a white and gray marble design
  • Matches any overlay
  • Perfect for any event
Red Glitter 8x8

Red Glitter

  • 8x8′ backdrop with a red gradient and sparkles
  • Perfect for holiday parties, birthdays and anniversaries
Silver Glitter 8x8

Silver Glitter

  • 8x8′ backdrop featuring silver glitter
  • Matches any photo frame
  • Great for any event, including weddings and office parties
Gold Glitter 8x8

Gold Glitter

  • 8x8′ backdrop with a glittery gold design
  • Popular with weddings, vowel renewals, birthdays and more
James Bond Eye Scope 5x7

James Bond

  • 5x7 backdrop featuring the famous eye scope design
  • Matches almost any frame design
  • Perfect for birthdays, corporate events, or any Bond themed event
Vegas 5x7

Las Vegas

  • 5x7′ backdrop featuring the Las Vegas strip
  • Bring your guests to the strip with this exciting backdrop
  • Perfect for fundraisers, company parties and Vegas themed events
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