Every couple’s story is unique; we believe that they deserve a fabulous customized start screen for the mirror booth that reflects their story! 

This start screen is composed and designed by our graphic artist, working with your favorite photos, colors, fonts, and overall wedding vibe or theme. This video clearly shows the individualization and personal touch added to each couple’s start screen. This art will be the very first thing your guests will see when they approach the mirror booth. It always has the ‘WOW’ factor, and we take great pride in this signature service that comes with every emme photo booth booking! 

The two icons at the top are touchscreen activated and begin the mirror booth’s workflow for either one photo (4×6″) or the second icon for three photos (6×4″). Both of your overlays are designed to coordinate and compliment the start screen. Our VIP brides also get an exclusive three icon design that offers one photo, three photos, and an animated seating chart designed to coordinate with everything. This extra turns the mirror booth into an elegant touchscreen seating chart listing all of your guest’s seating alphabetically. It’s all-inclusive with our VIP wedding package! 

Maybe you or your fiancé is camera shy, no worries! We can make you one of these animated start screens with your names, wedding date, website, or marriage hashtag! 

our design team

We’re passionate about creating the perfect setting for emme photo booth for your wedding. Our team will take all of your wedding elements into consideration and work with you to create a dynamic photo frame, start screen and custom animation for your wedding day! Contact our design team directly if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to get started right now!