Flower walls

Personalized art makes us unique 

Our art team’s specialty is creating personalized art for a gorgeous setting for your wedding day. We can bring your dream flower wall to life using a sub-dye printing process and a high-tension fabric, and a little magic!

Photo backdrops 

The magic starts with each flower or hedge wall handcrafted, then photographed with a specialty DSLR lens. Next, those raw images are composed to scale, so the flowers are true to size next to people. Those same images then are printed to a high-tension fabric. The results are realistic and breathtaking! 

The high-tension fabric creates incredible photos. It bounces the light from the photographer or photobooth’s flash without any glare or reflection, thus creating superior portrait-quality images. This (8×8′ or 5×7′) pillowcase design is wrinkle-free, slips on and over the aluminum frame in seconds, and zips for a picture-perfect display. 

Personalized flower walls, hedge walls, and starry night designs 

The personalized art process begins by you choosing your preferred motif or flowered wall. Next, our graphic artist will use your fonts, favorite neons colors and work some magic up for you! The artist will provide a digital proof for your review and approval. Once approved, we print, sew and install your customized design on event day for you! It’s hassle-free! 

These flower walls and hedge backdrops designs can be with or without a neon sign, but we love the personalized final touch it adds to your wedding day decor! Our pillowcase backdrops and the easy pop-up frame can ship anywhere, so contact us to start crafting yours! 

Personalized Art Flower walls
Hedge Wall Backdrop
Personalized Neon Starry Backdrop
White Wall Flowers
Pink Rose Flower Wall
Ivory Flower Wall

Mirror booth covers exclusively by emme photo booth 

While we love all the fantastic features of the mirror photo booth – early on, we knew we needed to do something about that industrial-looking road case! 

Our owner designed a mirror booth cover of fabric to give it a polished and cohesive look. This design is exclusively by emme, and booth covers come with your VIP or Elite package and will now be available as an add-on to any mirror booth booking!

Our talented artist takes your idea, colors, and theme and translates that into a beautiful cover for our mirror. The best part is you can repurpose your mirror booth cover into a forever keepsake for years after the reception! Maybe a wall hanging, oversized pillow, or duffle bag? 

Personalized Mirror Booth Cover
Personalized Mirror Booth Cover

Personalized art – table covers 

Add a personalized table cover for your cake or prop table! Each is designed exclusively for you in your colors, fonts, and theme! Before we print, again, a digital proof is shared for your approval. The completed table covers can be shipped directly to you or delivered locally on your wedding day!

Personalized Tablecloth

Email us if your personalized art needs a broader scope of ideas, and let’s see what we can do collectively!

Dawn and the whole Elite Casino Events team were an absolute dream to work with. From the very beginning, Dawn made me feel like our wedding was the most important thing in the world. The whole team made the process so easy and went way above and beyond to make my husband and me happy. They literally rolled out the red carpet! Our guests couldn’t stop talking about how much fun the Magic Mirror Photobooth was. I would, without any doubt, recommend Elite Casino Events and the Emme Photobooth for any wedding!

Kirstie Fitzpatrick

Elite's Magical Mirror Experience