Why hire a professional makeup artist vs. your friend who is also very good at makeup?

While I have no doubt your friend does do beautiful makeup, and you would look absolutely stunning – A professional makeup artist does bring that “something extra” to the table. We know what products look good on camera and film vs. what products will not look good when someone uses the flash. We understand what primers will and will not work with specific beauty products and what KIND of makeup products should be used on your skin. While your friend may have a whole arsenal of high-quality makeup, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the RIGHT makeup for your skin, your coloring, and what happens when everyone you know is hugging/ touching / and taking pictures of you. A professional is ready and trained for exactly that. Plus, if there is something that you do not love with your makeup – it’s easier to tell a professional artist who is ready for your feedback than to tell your friend and risk hurting their feelings. 

Why do some artists charge much higher prices than others?

Nine times out of ten, it’s a super simple answer – more experience, more talent, more previous brides with reviews of their work, and a much higher standard of professionalism. This is an industry where you truly get what you pay for. Most times, the higher the price, the less you have to worry.

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Why are travel fees so high sometimes?

While every artist decides how to charge their travel fee differently, there are a lot of factors that go into it other than just mileage. We have to pack and carry multiple bags, lights, and chairs. We sometimes have to walk quite a distance to get to your location, moving all those things – not every bride is in a hotel with a parking lot. And, let me tell you – that’s hard work in itself! We have to plan for how long it takes us to get there in the morning/on our way home to plan accordingly for the rest of our day after your wedding. On top of the time we spend working with you and your bridal party – we sometimes still have an additional 1-2 hours we spent traveling to you. It makes for a very long but rewarding day!

What’s something I should consider when hiring a makeup artist other than pricing and talent?

Personality match! This person or team will be around your nearest and dearest friends and family the morning of your wedding. If possible, find someone you really click with! Having a makeup artist that matches your vibe will enhance your experience that much more.

Do all artists provide a touch-up kit?

No, that’s very specific to each artist. But, most artists are willing to make one – if they don’t already – upon your request. Please be prepared to pay a little extra for one – especially if you’d like a full lipstick for touch-ups throughout the day.

I have a hard time telling people I don’t like something – how can I tell my artist this?

Bring your loudest and closest friend who knows you well to your trial. Trust me, not only does it make it easier on us, but it takes the stress off of you to tell us you don’t like it. However, I always say to my brides it hurts my feelings more if you DON’T tell me! I want to make you feel your best. Most times, the thing you aren’t liking is an easy fix! We don’t know you as well as your friend does, though, so having someone who can relay your likes and dislikes is helpful.

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Who should I NOT bring to my trial?

Please don’t bring the indecisive friend, the nit-picky mother or mother-in-law, or your overly critical friend/family. We want you to decide for yourself what you like – not what your friends and family think looks best. It is your day and your look. Please bring a friend who will hype you up or tactfully tell you when it’s not looking the way you imagined.

I can’t narrow down a look for inspiration – I like it all! What should I show my artist?

You can show us as many pictures as you like – with one MAJOR rule. The photos you’re saving must look like you. Not identical, but similar coloring to you with skin, hair, and eyes. We cannot make you look like a Kardashian if you have blonde hair and blue eyes (and vice versa). Showing us these photos sets not only us up for failure immediately, but you up for disappointment. Please, also take into consideration that most of the pictures you’re showing us have professional lighting and editing done to them. Your photos after your trial may not look like that perfectly edited inspiration photo, but I promise you we’ll try! 

As a makeup artist, what’s your favorite thing about this industry?

That’s reaaaaally hard to narrow down for me! Not only because I’m obsessed with beauty trends as a hobby, but because I get to do what I like and somehow still pay my bills with it. I love that I’m always somewhere new every weekend. Every time I apply makeup on someone, I learn something different, like how to use something because their face is different from any other clients’. I love that I get to witness some of the sweetest, most joyful moments of your life. I have laughed, cried, and everything in between with my brides. I gain new friends from all over every time I work with a bridal party. I come home from every wedding feeling so grateful. And, I get to do what I like – every single day. It truly makes me a happy person.

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Hello, lovelies – I’m Christalee.
I’m a hairstylist and makeup artist servicing the Pittsburgh area for the last ten years. Although I do a ton of bridal, I also work in the Tv and film industry as a hair and makeup artist! On top of the awesome bridal clients, I’ve been allowed the privilege to work on shows and commercials for things such as “Dance Moms,” WGN’s “The Outsiders,” TLC” s “Return to Amish,” Disney Channel, FOX Sports, NIKE, Spotify, Facebook, Duolingo, Burberry, Pittsburgh’s “The ScareHouse” and more.

What do I do when I’m not dolling people up? You can find me unapologetically snuggling and squealing at my cat, listening to a true-crime podcast, searching for Halloween decorations I don’t need on Amazon, or finding some sort of aerial silks class to attend. Oh, and trying out allllll the coffee shops around. (I can’t live without my caffeine fix, ya know?)

I love what I do – not just because it allows me to make things “pretty” and pays the bills, but because I genuinely enjoy being around people and making you feel good about yourself. I love getting to know you and meeting your family and friends in the process. Some of my very best friends have been previous clients – and if that isn’t a great way to make some new BFFs, what is?!

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