The magical mirror photo booth is an exceptional product!

The magical mirror photo booth is not your ordinary photo booth. The creators are passionate about the software and always strive for the best! They’re constantly updating and adding new features and elements to elevate the user experience.

This fact can also represent the differences between local photo booth vendors because some may have the magical mirror photo booth – but maybe they haven’t updated the software in years. Regardless, the magic mirror photo booth has ten unique features with the current and updated software that will impress your guests!

1) Magical Mirror Photo Booth does DSLR images, gifs, and video

Few photo booths on the market use a Canon DSLR camera; this one does! The result is high-resolution professional-quality photos, gifs, or video because of the Canon camera. The results are stunning, and the fact that you can embellish with filters or other fun features to your workflow makes the magical mirror photo booth second to none.

2) The preview and retake option rocks!

This feature is essential for people who regularly take selfies! No one wants an awful picture or one that is less than flattering! With the magical mirror photo booth, this is not a problem! The attendant can restart the workflow and allow you to retake the image with just a few keyboard commands! The process can repeat until you nail the perfect shot!

Magical Mirror Photo Booth Preview Feature
Magical Mirror Photo Booth Preview Feature

3) Magical mirror photo booth’s emojis and signature feature!

This feature is one of my favorites, as kids of all ages love to get creative and draw on the magical mirror photo booth’s touchscreen! Emojis can be themed for the occasion, birthdays, weddings, grad parties, holidays, or any event! The ‘signature feature’ offers 150 fun neon colors for guest writing or doodling! When complete, every artist’s work is transferred to the final photo image – both printed and digital!

Magical Mirror Photo Booth Emoji Feature
Magical Mirror Photo Booth Emoji & Signature Feature
Magical Mirror Photo Booth Signature Feature

4) Instant text delivery of images and printed photos!

We all know that our attention span these days is 8 seconds. So it’s good that the magical mirror photo booth can process and print your images in under 8 seconds! The mirror booth printer can print pictures size 4×6 or 6×4, or size 2×6 if you’re a fan of the retro photo booth strips! All digital photos are instantly delivered to guests by text or email before they even can put down their props! It’s that fast!

Magical Mirror Photo Booth Text & Email Feature
Mirror photo booth photos

5) Fun filters for the creative mind!

The magical mirror photo booth offers many fun filters to impress your guests, such as beauty black & white, sepia, pencil, or the beauty filter! The beauty filter is my personal favorite, and I add it to nearly every event! I have a huge grin at events when the guests (especially seniors) tell me how much they love their photos! They always say ‘how good they look – and that they love the photo booth image!’ They don’t know that I put a beauty filter in, so let’s keep that our little secret – ok? <>

6) Greenscreen creates travel through time and space!

This feature is fantastic! We first started using it three years ago, and I love the creative aspect it brings to every event! The magical mirror photo booth can transport your guests to any place with a green screen! Previous events guests have traveled to Paris, Jamacia, Kentucky Derby, a jungle, a rainbow, by a tiger, and to the moon! Everything is possible with your imagination and our art team!

7) Magic mirror photo booth’s touchscreen fun!

We all love our phones, and that we can find or review anything is a few touchscreen commands. The magic mirror photo booth offers the same interactive element. Touch the mirror to approve, reject, accept, sign, draw, embellish, print, text, or email. Half the fun is the engagement factor!

Magical Mirror Photo Booth Touchscreen Feature

8) The mirror permits you to choose your background or overlay!

Another creative aspect of the magic mirror photo booth that is fun and exciting is the ‘swipe’ feature! As our designers set up the workflow for your event, they can create various overlays or photo frames so your guests can swipe and choose their favorite! The same feature works with our ‘magic photo’ that enables guests to select their favorite background – without any greenscreen!

9) Corporate or private branding personalizes your experience.

One of the very best elements of the magical mirror photo booth is that you can brand it with lifesize images or video on the mirror’s start screen! Corporate events can add their logo or message to the printed photo frames and the mirror’s start screen. Direct marketing options are also available via text and email messaging.

Magical Mirror Photo Booth Corporate Branding

10) Data collection of booth’s visitors

The magic mirror photo booth collects data from every person who takes a photo! When guests request their image sent by text or email, the mirror photo booth collects that data in a spreadsheet file. This feature makes the magic mirror photo booth perfect for grand openings, conventions, festivals, store sales, or trade shows. Companies can then use this data for remarketing attendees from their special event!

In summary, whether you are planning a corporate, private, or charity event, the magical mirror photo booth offers so much more than photos! The magical mirror photo booth certainly brings joy and happiness to any event and is perfect for kids of all ages, 8 to 80!