Eco-friendly, affordable flower and hedge walls

Flower and hedge walls are beautiful but very costly per square foot. Pricing ranges from $800 for a small 3×7′ wall to tens of thousands for a longer 10 x 30′ floral wall. While some use plastic or silk flowers, others may use actual flowers, which can also drive up the price. With the supply chain in crisis, rising fuel prices, and overall wedding costs growing; floral walls have become unaffordable for most couples.

Flower walls exclusive by emme

Our design team has created an affordable solution! Our newest floral motif pillowcase backdrops collection solves this issue. These are actual flower walls built with love and photographed with a high-end camera lens to capture all the glorious details!

These nine designs are exclusively by the emme photo booth, and you won’t find them anywhere else! The photographer who shot the walls was careful to capture the depth and actual size of the flowers. This way, the images printed to fabric will be ‘to scale’ and it will make the flowers appear true to size for an authentic flower wall look!

The result is stunning and it permits us to offer you any of these nine gorgeous floral motifs in a pillowcase backdrop design at an affordable price! 

This design process begins with choosing the floral or hedge wall you love! Currently, we have nine glorious walls to choose from!

  • Ivory Flowers
  • Vintage Flowers
  • Red Roses
  • Coconut Ice
  • Pink Flowers
  • Cottage Flowers
  • Raspberry Flowers
  • Fuchsia Roses
  • Green Ivy

Once you’ve selected a floral wall or hedge wall you love, next, you will need to create your ‘neon sign; or statement to be printed directly to the backdrop! It can be anything, names, dates, mantras, or even your favorite song!

Flower Walls

Possibilities are endless

For the next step in the process, you will choose your fonts and font colors. You may combine these for a dynamic and realistic neon sign effect. Our graphic artist will collaborate with you to make your sign bold, bright, and perfectly placed on your flower or hedge wall.

Font & Color Options

Now that you’ve selected your flower wall or hedge wall motif, mantra, neon fonts, and colors next, our graphic artist will design a personalized backdrop for you. Once the artist has completed a draft, they will send you a 3D visual proof to approve! Once approved, our staff will print, sew, and prepare your floral or hedge wall for delivery! 

Flower Walls
Flower Walls

The pillowcase backdrop is printed on a recycled high-tension fabric. For an upcharge, it can also be printed on both sides if you would like this option for your occasion!

The Elite package includes us designing your personalized flower wall! You may also order yours a la carte with any other of our all-inclusive packages; rates apply. We recommend all backdrops be either 8×8′ or 5×7′ for smaller spaces.