Photo booth props for a GOT wedding

Our Elite team brought its state-of-the-art photo booth to yet another spectacular wedding in downtown Pittsburgh. Brittney and Reed tied the knot in the lavish and historical William Omni Penn Hotel. The journey of bringing our Elite Magical Mirror Experience didn’t begin on the night of their wedding. It began when Patty, the mother of the bride, called to book EMME photo booth for her daughter months prior. Brittney had her reservations, fearing a photo booth could underrate the decor she worked hard on perfecting. Our team of creative women was determined to quiet her doubts. With the goal of exceeding her expectations, the team took time to learn the bride’s tastes and interests. This resulted in a unique personal touch… an individualized experience created around one of her favorite shows, Game of Thrones.

A night to remember

Above all, Brittney’s concerns centered around authenticity and personalization. She refused to have cliche photo booth props. In other words, the giant sunglasses and funny hats could stay behind. Brittney knew she wanted a personal experience that spoke to who she was. Her photo booth prop request had one exception… props were allowed if they were Game of Thrones-themed. Our inventory couldn’t fill this request at first. However, our staff had an advantage…we had also been avid fans of the show, following it until the end. It was an exciting task to pay homage to a show that people have enjoyed for nearly a decade.

emme photo booth props
GOT photo booth props

Photo booth props

Taren, our in-house graphic designer, made haste getting to work on a line of customized photo booth prop signs. She curated a series of quotes in the iconic GOT font and layered them upon an image of the coveted Iron Throne. The cocktail hour favorites were signs that read “I Drink and I Know Things” and “You Know Nothing.”  Also featured, was “House Cantor,” this slogan became the couple’s personal wedding hashtag for the night. Their chosen theme was thoughtfully incorporated into every detail of the photo booth decor. Each photo had the option to be printed with a custom-designed photo overlay that featured Brittney and Reed’s names placed among the House Sigils featured in Game of Thrones.

GOT photo frames
Photo booth props


It was difficult to imagine a Game of Thrones experience without reference to its iconic mythical creatures. Two hand-made dragon eggs gave our prop table it’s polished finish-the icing on a wedding cake. Transforming the raw materials of styrofoam, glue, and 700 thumb tacks required the creative magic of Dawn, our team’s own Mother of Dragons. Dawn worked several hours, layering tack by tack to form a realistic scale-like texture on the foam. When finished with a coat of red and green spray paint, the eggs became the enchanting centerpieces of the photo booth prop table. They were perhaps too enchanting for their own good. Throughout the night, they had to be rescued from guests who were unwilling to part with them. When the bride came to hold one, her tears of joy and appreciation made us realize our efforts to personalize her experience was entirely worth it.


Photo booth props
Photo booth props - GOT eggs

Your vision matters

We loved how Cantor’s wedding became a celebration of individuality and creative collaboration. The events where we’re invited to bring our EMME to are often the most cherished nights of people’s lives. Every bride deserves to be treated as an individual at their wedding, which is why we are proud to be a vendor that takes it personally. When you book your vendors, make sure that you’re talking with people willing to take their time to know you. It’s what will make the difference between a typical photo booth rental, and an exceptional experience that celebrates your own unique personality.